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                    Differentiate With Business-Grade Wireless Connectivity 

                    Today, in-building wireless connectivity is a crucial business advantage, but cellular signals can have difficulty penetrating a building’s exterior walls and windows. Wi-Fi solutions are often inadequate to support demand, and most in-building solutions have limited ability to provide the advanced wireless services that will set your property apart.

                    Wireless Services Attract Commercial Tenants


                    of commercial tenants would pay more per square foot for better connectivity1


                    say the quality of a building’s internet connection is one of the most important features in a workspace1


                    of renters would not lease without reliable wireless coverage2

                    1 WiredScore, The Value of Connectivity
                    2 NMHC/Kingsley Renter Preferences Report

                    Deliver the Ultimate Wireless Experience

                    American Tower eliminates your wireless worries. We offer a fiber-rich, 5G-enabled wireless network infrastructure to help you attract consumers and tenants, while moving to a more-efficient and cost-effective architecture. Our solutions are designed so you can continue to take advantage of new wireless technologies as they emerge.

                    With an in-building wireless solution from American Tower, you’ll have a robust and fully managed turnkey solution, allowing you to exceed expectations:

                    • Guarantee cellular connectivity
                    • Attract and retain tenants by delivering highly reliable wireless services
                    • Deliver connectivity for smart building applications

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                    Reduce Operating Costs

                    Take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and building automation applications to streamline operations and cut costs. Now, you can have the wireless network to make it happen.

                    • Optimize use of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and water systems with automation and artificial intelligence
                    • Minimize manual tasks, such as restroom cleaning, with usage statistics
                    • Improve security with high-definition video monitoring and alarm systems that trigger notifications

                    Class-A Malls Rely on American Tower

                    Several of the largest U.S. retail malls rely on an American Tower in-building wireless connectivity solution to help attract and captivate consumers, retain tenants, and increase revenue.

                    With the solution, visitors and tenants can access superior wireless coverage throughout these massive malls:

                    • At 2.9 million square feet, King of Prussia is the largest mall in the U.S.
                    • At 2.6 million square feet, Del Amo Fashion Center is the second-largest mall in the U.S.
                    • At 2.4 million square feet, Tysons Corner Center? is the tenth-largest mall in the U.S.

                    Tysons Corner Center? is a registered trademark of Tysons Corner Holdings LLC.

                    Plan for a Wireless Future With American Tower

                    Ensure your business remains relevant and competitive by continuing to enhance your offerings with new services and applications.

                    American Tower solutions are deployed in a way that allows easy evolution to more-advanced technologies, such as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and 5G, when the time is right.

                    American Tower Is a Leading Voice in the Industry

                    American Tower actively represents your interests in key industry associations that develop standards to protect your investment:

                    Enterprises-Mobile-Logo CBRS Small Cell Forum WIA WBA
                    Enterprises-Desktop-Logo CBRS Small Cell Forum WIA WBA

                    Meet Our Team

                    Aaron Feduk

                    Aaron Feduk

                    Senior Director, Real Estate Partnerships and Sales

                    Aaron, an experienced industry professional, has held roles in operations, carrier sales, and real estate management and acquisition. Currently, he leads business development and strategy for the enterprise and innovation portfolios, including new partnerships, property management, and direct and channel sales.


                    More About Our Solutions


                    Get the Support You Deserve

                    Get the Support You Deserve

                    When you choose to work with American Tower, we want to ensure you feel continually supported. Our teams take customer service seriously, and we are committed to providing a positive experience to every customer, every time.

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